Jumping Branch CT and Schooling Dressage Show (April 2022) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Adams, MeranceRevelationOBNAccepted
Amato, TonyaCaptain's AnnabellaOSAccepted
Amato, TonyaFeeling Extra Smart TodayONAccepted
Armendariz, MargaretLalique FLPOBNAccepted
Ashton, CorinneVoilaOTAccepted
Ayers, AlisonCosmopolitanOBNAccepted
Beasley, JaredInki BlandfordPAccepted
Beasley, JaredFlagmount's AllstarTOCTAAccepted
Campbell, KaylaDonshierTOCIAAccepted
Campbell, KaylaDonshierTOCTAccepted
Cannavino, SuzanneClermontONAccepted
Carpenter, AlyssaFrontsideTOCIAAccepted
Carpenter, AlyssaFrontsideTOCTAccepted
Chatham, ChristinePoppyOSAccepted
Clark, KaitlinSLE Another Round Of ChampagneONAccepted
Clark, KaitlinSLE Ocean AblazeOTAccepted
Clymer, BethIma Iny TooOTAccepted
Coxe, MarahSLE Another Round Of ChampagneSJ-STARTAccepted
Coxe, MarahMystic MerlinTOCIAAccepted
Coxe, MarahMystic MerlinTOCSAccepted
Cummings, KatieQredible DreamOBNAccepted
Currier, HeatherNewmarket EquadorSJ-BNAccepted
Currier, HeatherNewmarket EquadorSJ-BNAccepted
Davidson, TempleLion’s ShareONAccepted
Dietrich, ShawnaR. ChumleyOBNAccepted
Duncan, AlexaDouble TroubleSJ-TAccepted
Farken, KeyannaFernhill Saulsford NazarPAccepted
Fox, JenniferLiebeskind SQFOBNAccepted
Fox, JenniferIrish LassONAccepted
Fox, JenniferGallowayOBNAccepted
Glennie, GraceKodachromeONAccepted
Green, HaydenHello DollyOBNAccepted
Hall, MaddySon Of A BiscuitOSAccepted
Hallman, LaurelWild DesireOBNAccepted
Jacobs, AinsleyJJ SpotOBNAccepted
King, AmandaCombine RoadOBNAccepted
Kinney, AnnCambiadorOBNAccepted
Kraus, SusanFireflyOSAccepted
Kuhn, SarahHashtag TrendingOTAccepted
Kuhn, SarahRingfort K SpecialOBNAccepted
Kuhn, SarahRingfort K SpecialSJ-STARTAccepted30.00
Lee, MichelleFlagmount's AllstarOSAccepted
Long, StevenPrairie MasterONAccepted
Lutz, SarahMoonstruckOSAccepted
Lutz, SarahToday's SpecialOBNAccepted
Manetta, JaneSupermanOTAccepted
Manley, AndreaRevel In SoulONAccepted
Manley, MadisonGuinnessONAccepted
Manley, MadisonNDR’s FezONAccepted
Marsh, EmilyDylano QONAccepted
McAllister, AnnTop Hot RodOBNAccepted
McClabb, JillInnisONAccepted
McDonald MacLeod, JaneNorth Oui GoOBNAccepted
McDonald, IanScottish DevilONAccepted
Melemed, SymanthaCCS ThorinOTAccepted
Melemed, SymanthaCCS ThorinSJ-TAccepted
Mendoza, EmmaForrest GumpOTAccepted
Miller, SophieSoulmate's DixiebelleTOCS12Accepted
Miller, SophieSoulmate's DixiebelleTOCS12Accepted
Mitchell, CarolineSimonONAccepted
Moon, RisaTamia De La FayeSJ-BNAccepted
Moon, RisaTamia De La FayeSJ-STARTAccepted
Morse, SophiaJames BondOBNAccepted
Neverosky, Kaylea MarieGood TroubleOBNAccepted
Palmieri, VictoriaFaustinoOSAccepted
Pruit, CelesteMystery MachineOSAccepted
Quackenbush, SusanAnonyOBNAccepted
Ringler, SusannaRoyal ColorsOBNAccepted
Rosen, SallyBabetteTOCTAccepted
Rosen, SallyBabetteTOCTAccepted
Siegfried, RuthSchickeriaOBNAccepted
Smith, KristenGreysonONAccepted
Smith, KristenDiamond CruiseONAccepted
Stein, JenniferTicket to RideONAccepted
Stier, HeatherTo Be HonestOBNAccepted
Tilbury, LauraCaptain JackOBNAccepted
Timmons, JillDear Old DadOBNAccepted
Vaughn, DarrellRadiant ChildOSAccepted
Vaughn, DarrellRadiant ChildSJ-STARTAccepted
Vaughn, DarrellRadiant ChildTOCSAccepted
Wakeman, KathrynBoracay WonderOTAccepted
Wakeman, KathrynFE Quantum of SolaceONAccepted
Wendell, JuliaGo GlobalPAccepted
Wettstone, LaurieRemington SteeleONAccepted
Wiese, SheilaCooley GreystonesOTAccepted
Wiese, SheilaSimply BenOTAccepted
Wise, NancyMonbeg Blue MoonOTAccepted
Ziegler, NancyTiz the ColonelONAccepted

Division Entries
OBNOpen Beginner Novice - Combined Test29
ONOpen Novice - Combined Test22
OSOpen Starter - Combined Test10
OTOpen Training - Combined Test13
PPreliminary - Combined Test4
SJ-BNShow Jumping Round - Beginner Novice - 2'7"3
SJ-NShow Jumping Round - Novice - 2'11"1
SJ-PShow Jumping Round - Preliminary - 3'7"1
SJ-STARTShow Jumping Round - Starter - 2'3"5
SJ-TShow Jumping Round - Training - 3'3"2
TOC-USEATest of Choice - 2022 USEA (Email test of choice to secretary)1
TOCFFirst Level Test of Choice1
TOCIAIntroductory Test of Choice4
TOCSStarter Dressage Test2
TOCS12Second Level Test of Choice2
TOCTTraining Level Test of Choice4
TOCTATraining A Dressage Test3